National Wealth Partners, LLC
Manage your wealth with purpose.

National Wealth Partners, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor ("RIA"). We are not a broker. As you may know, brokers make their money by selling investments that generate commission income, which creates a conflict of interest for you.

By contrast, as an RIA, we are required to put your interests first (legally this is called a fiduciary duty). In practical terms, this means that we get paid by you and not by the product. We do not earn a commission on the funds or securities we select for your investment portfolio and therefore, you never have to worry about “being sold."

Simply put: we advocate solutions because they advance your life goals; not our check book. We feel this is good business policy in that if we help you, you will eventually help us by introducing us to your friends. You are therefore considered both a client and a partner of ours, which is one reason we chose our name, National Wealth Partners.

We are compensated for the advice and expertise we provide by:

  1. Financial Planning fees
  2. Investment Management fees

We look to make a difference in all that we do: for our clients and in our profession. One of our rewards, while doing what we love, is knowing that the impact of our advice is greater because we have chosen to serve individuals committed to making a difference in their lives and the lives around them. And to serve Difference Makers requires a Firm that is itself unique.

The first thing that differentiates us is the experience level of our team.

Our Founding Partners have over 96 years of work experience in wealth management. We’ve seen a lot. We’ve experienced great wins and also learned painful lessons from our own mistakes. This is a business where experience matters. And because of how we run the Firm, clients benefit from the expertise of all senior partners -- not just their relationship manager.

The second thing that differentiates us? Our beliefs. We believe:

  1. personalized advice (said differently, we believe that one size fits nobody!)
  2. ...simplicity is mission critical (this requires experience; no 80-page "financial plans"!)
  3. having fun along the way! (we love what we do -- why not have fun?)

We want to know. Tell us, what do you passionately believe in?

P.S. We also believe in using technology to make our lives easier -- for example, in our business we try and use technology to be paper-free which is both good for the eco-system and reduces clutter!